Bad News Step for Opening Ceremony

Fashion, Retail and Web Video: Opening Ceremony TV's "Step! Clap! Go!" and Animating Chanel To me, as a PR professional and consumer, branded entertainment is truly one of the most fascinating and exciting things. I love seeing brands have fun

Family Guy OONCE

OONCEOONCE EVOLUTION It's things like these videos that make me wonder how they wrote it in the script. O-O-N-C-E, perhaps? For background, oonceoonce's nominal origin comes from my curiosity around the "Mall Rats" script and how they might ha


Brilliant! YouTube - Monty Pythons Flying Circus - Picasso.

2010 MAZDA3 5-Door Exterior by MAZDA USA

The Mazda3 hatchback keeps calling me and I found out they have a zero down special right now. People seem to be opposed to its stylish smile, or it could in fact be a smize, but I'm quite keen on it. In fact, I think the image here shows all the r

car accident - 2010

Four weeks ago, I was approached by a strange woman who told me big changes were coming in my life. I wasn't sure why she was delivering such advice until she handed me a crumpled and torn flyer that promoted one of the many psychics in the Palms ar

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Ran across an amazing YouTube series on today: the technical difficulties video.  I  stumbled into this great blog via twitter when randomly searching for Rephlex. I've been obsessing over the Braindance Coincidence again. I h


As you can see, on Saturday, I revamped my Web site! I'll be working on this project for a while, both updating everything and adding more to the blog. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back soon. On Sunday, I took on my most ambitious cu

lil gonimas

My nephews (l-r: Nico, David). They indeed do have the kung fu grip.


The Wystees - 1995/1996 - orchestra talent show. That's right. I was little once.


Amazing classic video game scenes on

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Bunny BPM nose competition!

Saam Klaxons

For my first tumblr, I'll post the Scion art show I'm totally excited about. Tomorrow @ The Scion Installation L.A. Gallery!


1. My grandma rocks because she partied to clipd beaks at a Todd P party at sxsw 2. Scrubs is amazing cos it makes me cry every episode 3. I didn't throw the party I blogged about below 4. BUT I will be throwing some real jams in May and June...


OMG OMG OMG OMG! Super duper extra special thanks to everyone who came to our very first Let's Lazertag Sometime in Los Angeles! Special thanks to: + Anne Lee for all the loaners and coming through after her magic castle b-day! + Peaches for roc


Just because I can't play it out doesn't mean I can't celebrate it. If you read this and enjoy soulful house music (my guilty pleasure), I implore you to consider enjoying "Everywhere" by John Dahlback. Mr. Dahlback is the swedish mastermind behi


news in short: birthday: we went camping oonceoonce: I'm djing on sept 29th with these guys and these guys los angeles: is amazing my job: is awesome tigerbeat6: check out white williams on tour; drop the lime is coming to LA as curses this


Originally uploaded by meleksah. And I've already been back to SF twice, walked over a dead man's blood and guts (no, really), been visited by every immediate family member, and got a tan in the process. The tan can be witnessed in the above pho


4033 sunset blvd Originally uploaded by Huro Kitty. this is my new home in LA.

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some things I edited for * CSS video * Girl Talk iinterview check my other interviews at


LIVE: C.L.A.W.S (tigerbeat6) record release for CLAWS Theme 12" DJs: Beaner (Berlin) Mr. Saturday (Zonetech) Oonceoonce (Tigerbeat6) Lemonade Beat Massacre Jefrodisiac (Blow Up) Jealous Lovers DJ Team Saturday May 5th Special Location TBA

Warrior Line plays Sat. June 19
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sugarsugar this coming friday
llts flyer